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Expecting a baby? Trying to plan for a new addition to the family? Want to save money on the weekly shop? I’ve gone forth and uncovered five absolutely delicious apps that will do all of the above and that will work a charm with your Android tablet – your ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

1. My Days

free android apps for mums

This free app lets you track your period and ovulation so you can plan ahead and for the best times to make a baby. The app is very easy to use and has had some excellent reviews. Recommended by several different mums who’ve gone on to successfully conceive, My Days is the first of our five fabulous android apps for mums.

2. 50,000 Baby Names

free android apps for mums

Choosing the name of your baby can be a little, well, fraught. Your partner doesn’t like a name because it reminds them of someone vile they went to school with, you don’t like their choice of name because it reminds you of that smelly uncle. So make some tea and sit back together with this app and go through the extensive list of names and their meanings.  Don’t forget to keep a pen and paper to one side to write the shortlist – this app may be handy but it doesn’t let you save your choices.

3. Mom 2 Be

free android apps for mums

When I was pregnant I loved the daily updates and statistics that various parenting sites would send me and I wish this app had been around. Mom 2 Be will send you baby relevant information in daily bites that will fascinate. You’ll find out how many weeks you have left, what trimester you’re in and more.

4. Shopsavvy

free android apps for mums

Shopsavvy is a great free app for mums as it will help you to save money while you shop. Download the app, go shopping and use the app to snap pictures of an item’s barcode to find the best available prices for the item. Very helpful if you don’t quite trust that deal or need a couple of pennies shaved off your shop as you stock up on very expensive baby items. This is brilliant for finding value for money on big things like cots, prams and sterilisers.

5. White Noise Lite

free android apps for mums

Of all my free Android app for mums, this is a weird one. I discovered it purely by chance as I was going through the app store searching for “white goods”. Up came this app that will play white noise to your baby and help them to go to sleep. Less expensive and unwieldy as a vacuum cleaner and a lot less irritating than the TV, this app will play a variety of sounds from white noise to beach waves or the airplane.

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