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I’ve talked about the ASUS NX90Jq before. I did a little shudder and a gasp when I saw its specs announced at CES earlier this year and I was more than a little excited by the fact that it boasted a sound system that was developed in conjunction with the sound kings, Bang and Olufsen.

When I was a kid, Bang and Olufsen were a household name. They were the guys that all the dads wanted in their lounges. Today, they continue to stay at the top of the game and have some products that literally make me wish I was a multi-millionaire.

So it makes sense that if you want to build a premium gaming laptop that will sit on your desk and look gorgeous, you would go to Bang and Olufsen for some sound styling ideas. The two speakers are built into the lid of the NX90Jq and work in conjunction with ASUS’ SonicMaster audio system. When you ease open the lid of this beauty, they wink at you suggestively.

And what are they suggesting? How about a nice game of Starcraft II? After all, the 18.4 inch display will show up all those lovely details perfectly, and the Intel Quad 1.6GHz Core i7 processor is more than capable of running things smoothly.

I have to admit that I did lose quite a bit of time to stroking the shiny surface and inspecting the design. I know I’m supposed to say this, but I am actually telling the terrible truth there – I really enjoy ASUS’ fetish for designing things just that little bit differently. You have to admit that having the NX90Jq sitting in your lounge or office will garner quite a few stares and questions. Boring and bland it is not.

If you have limited space in your home or office, a desktop replacement system such as the NX90Jq is a step in the right direction. You have powerful technology such as the 1GB nVidia GeForce GT335M graphics card, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, two 64GB hard drives, a Blu-ray drive and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, sitting in a chic and shiftable machine.

While you won’t be lugging this around town with you, it weighs in at quite a bit, you can move it about the house without popping vertebrae or wrestling with a thousand cables. I won’t ever, ever sacrifice my PC, don’t get me wrong. You’ll probably have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. But for something to use in my lounge or to use in my home office, this type of laptop is perfect.

Imagine combining it with ASUS’ WiCast EW2000. Now you have a stylish home entertainment system that’s pretty much unmatched in terms of functionality and design. And when it comes to your home living space, looks definitely ARE everything. There is nothing as frustrating or unpleasant as a cluttered lounge and a tangle of dusty wires.

Certainly the NX90Jq will support wireless networking and printers and any other such extras that you feel you might wish to add. It has two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and HDMI and VGA outputs alongside a 2MP webcam.

While this beauty boasts a heavy suitcase of features, it isn’t cheap. You’re not going to get this hanging about in the window displays beside the lesser machines. This is sitting on a shelf that’s surrounded by admirers, and probably can only be approached on a red velvet carpet. Still, I want one.

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