COMPUTEX 2011: ASUS ROG MARS II Graphics card

James Kidder
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The MARS II is the latest behemoth out of ROG’s graphics labs. Packing two Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 GPUs and 3GB of memory, it’s destined to be the fastest single card on the planet.

Whereas the new ROG Matrix GTX 580 is the premium graphics card for all, the MARS II’s limited run will mean that these are highly exclusive parts, just like the original MARS and last year’s ARES.

Ultimately the MARS II is designed more as an engineering showcase for ROG, with its extreme performance matched by its equally brazen and oversized PCB and cooler to fully support it.

In fact, the entire MARS II has been redesigned from the ground up by ASUS engineers, with 19 phase super alloy power hardware, overclocking features and a Direct CU cooler with two huge 12cm fans. This pretty much guarantees there will be nothing else like it on the planet.

The ROG MARS II will be available in a limited quantity, in the coming months.

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  • Vishal

    Super GPU as its size,i’ll buy it definitely.