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We’re on the brink of a particularly hot summer for gamers, between the Duke staging his comeback after what surely amounts to a millennium or two in dog years, the next phase in human evolution, a Martian revolution and, who can forget, a mutated ladies’ man. And these are the ones I can think of as I sit here, there’s lots more we’re likely neglecting to mention. Plus, beyond that you’ll be getting your annual dosage of shooter, so it’s definitely a good idea to arm up with a proper mouse that does your gaming habits exemplary service.

No more generic

Sure, you can game with a supermarket special mouse that’ll have you looking rather silly online, but do you want to? Do you consider yourself a serious gamer? A habitual gamer with a knack for the fancy? Of course you do. And our friends at ASUS are more than happy to oblige. They may make laptops, motherboards and graphics cards by day, but by night (or more like around 2PM) those engineers scour the far reaches of technology for the best mouse designs around. Here’s three to make your gaming time oh-so-very hands on.

GX800 (wired)

Part of the ROG portfolio, this potent ally gets started with a slick ergonomic build that ensures a solid grip. None of that slippery plastic you get with the cheapos. As you can see in the pic below, there are multiple DPI selections (800/1000/1600/2400/3200) so you can set the resolution you’re most comfortable with for each application and game. Each of these resolutions is guaranteed by laser tracking technology, thus the GX800 is always on the dot. The buttons can be redefined to create your own macros and control schemes, plus the ROG logo lights up a cool blue.

ASUS ROG GX800 wired gaming mouse

GX900 (wired)

An upgraded version of the GX800, this guy takes the same ROG gaming control excellence further. The DPI switching goes up to a monstrous 4000, using the same laser tracking technology found in the GX800. However, for a truly classy touch, the GX900 has gold-plated USB connectors, as well as tangle-free wire management. And the wires are double-sleeved for added protection. The customisable macros and cool rubber grips are all in attendance, and for the more discerning out there, it’s offered in red and black colour schemes. The GX900 also ships with a weight system of five 4.5g weights. You can use all of them, none of them, or as many as you choose. This will make the mouse lighter or heavier, depending on your preferred input style and response range. Some people like their mice nice and heavy for more thoughtful, hefty movement, while others lean towards a super-light and zippy feel.

ASUS ROG GX900 gaming mouse

"rodent in red, is dancing with me, grip to grip..."

Side view of the GX900

GX900 with weight system

WT460 (wireless)

For this little fella, one of the main selling points is its all-terrain optical tracking technology, which is even more precise and responsive than the one on the GX800 and GX900. From your desktop to a marble countertop to your pants leg, the WT460 seems content to work and work some more. And as you can tell by the ergonomic shape, it’s just as good for gaming as it is for productivity, with a curvaceous build and those famed rubber grips. The wireless is multi-channel 2.4GHz, which helps avoid interference from/with other wireless devices in the area. There’s also DPI switching, and the battery charge lasts quite a while thanks to a low-consumption design that reduces power draw when the mouse is idle or engaged in small movements. If you want to combine the convenience of wireless operation with the comfort of a quality gaming mouse, the WT460 is your pal.

ASUS WT460 wireless mouse

Side view of the WT460

Let us know in the comments section if there are any other games you’re looking forward to playing this summer. The more the merrier!

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  • http://twitter.com/cloudsmesh Vishal

    Nice gaming design but DPI is still low,when 5600-5700 DPI mice is available