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Nick Holland
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ASUS announced its own app store and cloud computing initiative at Computex, but really there’s more to it than that. It’s also Access to web storage, online backup, a gaming portal, vibe media and applications. Seriously, ASUS is not just a hardware company any more!

The recently launched ASUS Access is part of ASUS’ new cloud computing initiative it first launched during Computex this year. It’s packed with over 1600 bits of software, games, utilities, learning and creative stuff that you can buy or just try it first direct from the site to your PC. ASUS supplements the web-store to tempt you back to its service by running regular give-aways and promotions as well, so it’s always worth checking back to see if there’s something new you might need.


ASUS’ new Game Park already has over 600 games to try out too. They’re mostly casual so you can easily pick them up and try them out if you’re not an avid gamer. I have to admit I’m now quite addicted to Straw Hat Samurai. Thank you, ASUS, for killing my productivity!

But the Access is merely the door to a greater portal of ASUS’ Cloud computing network. If you’re unsure what “Cloud computing” is then we’ve an entire category packed with information about it here on Tech in Style.

Personal Web Storage and Backup

Another area is ASUS’ own Webstorage, that offers 1GB free, or you can pay for as much as you need. For those who buy Eee PCs and other ASUS notebooks they will already get the access for free – a massive 500GB for Eee, and completely unlimited for notebooks. ASUS’ software even has a Dropbox-esq feature of syncing with a folder on your PC with your (secure) online account, so you can access your files anywhere or alternatively share them with friends.

Naturally this also extends to ASUS’ backup feature that lets you create normal or incremental backups of your important files. This way even if you suffer a hard drive crash and lose all your work, it’s all on your ASUS profile ready to be resumed.

So you see – there’s more than the cover might show and it’s worth delving a deeper, because ASUS’ Clouds have plenty to use and offer, plus, your next Eee PC or ASUS notebook purchase should come with a link right there on the desktop, so you always know right where to go.

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