Go green with the U Series Bamboo Collection Read »

Posted March 2nd, 2010 in .Green Tech .Laptops & Netbooks .News
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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and it’s widely used for everything from buildings to clothing. ASUS first investigated its viability as a replacement for plastic in laptop cases with the EcoBook concept in 2007 and the U6V Bamboo the following year, and this year sees the launch of an exciting [...]

Wanted: A Champion for Change Read »

Posted January 11th, 2010 in .Blogs .Green Tech .Tech
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The inability of world leaders to see eye-to-eye during the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference last year got me thinking: Can one man or organization empower Average Joe with the power for environmental change?

It’s easy to be green – Creating Green Technology Read »

Posted February 2nd, 2009 in .Green Tech

ASUS is passionate about embracing green technology. We look at what we can do to create the ultimate green machine…