Why your next PC should be an all-in-one

Bobby O’Reilly
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Many of us love nothing more than digging around inside our PCs tweaking and upgrading bits to get the best gaming performance, but there’s a lot to be said for simplicity. Imagine if your next computer did everything you’ve come to expect of it, web browsing, document creation, video editing, playing music and sorting out your photos, but all you ever had to do was plug it in and never get involved with complicated set-ups again.

All in one PCs are exactly what they say they are – a slimline monitor with the entire PC gubbins built into the back. You just connect them up to the power point, and everything works. There’s no faffing with monitors and, in the case of ASUS’ latest Eee TOP ET2010, the keyboard and mouse are wireless too.

It’s simple, low cost and, thanks to some clever electronics and low power monitor lighting, cheap to run too. The ET2010 has been accredited by Energy Star to its 5.0 standard for energy efficiency, and it even comes in completely recycled packaging to further its green credentials.

Even better, the 20inch monitor is a multitouch screen, and we’ve already pointed out why you should be looking at one of those for your next PC here.

Like the very latest thin and light laptops, the ET2010 is only an inch thick, so it’s a neat solution to desektop clutter too. Thanks to an NVIDIA ION graphics chipset, you can get games up and running and looking great on its 1200×600 display too.

Sure, it’s no gaming beast, but it’s more than enough for most of us and it looks great as well.

At the heart of the ET2010 is a dual core Atom processor, which has all the cost saving and energy efficiency of a netbook CPU, but with the extra power you need for a day-to-day desktop thanks to its support for modern multithreaded applications. The premium B038E model even has a built in subwoofer, so it soulds great without the need for surround speakers.

It’s the space saving advantages of a slimline all-in-one that really seal the deal though. Few of us have enough room for all the technology we need in today’s online-all-the-time households, and the wall mountable ET2010 barealy makes its presence known in a cramped living room – other than as a futuristic gateway to the ASUS cloud, with powerful apps like ASUS Vibe and WebStorage pre-installed.

So unless you really like to get your hands dirty under the hood of a PC, you’re next computer should be a space age, slimline, super-sexy all-in-one. Like the ET2010.

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