The Tech Report spends a month with the Eee Pad Transformer

Matt Black
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Geoff Gasior from The Tech Report has put his thoughts from a month-long experience with the Eee Pad Transformer down on paper the internets. Between picking apart the Pad for what it’s worth, Geoff has also detailed how tablet use can fit into a life already filled with laptops, netbooks and smartphones.

There are still kinks that need to be ironed out, but the overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive, especially since I was half expecting to feel like I should’ve paid another $100 for one of the big-name tablets. The fact is that the Eee Pad delivers an excellent tablet experience for less money than the competition and the enjoys the extra flexibility of a keyboard dock with a touchpad, additional expansion options, and an extra battery. You’ll have to excuse the obvious pun, but the keyboard dock really is a transformative accessory for the Eee Pad. With a couple of tweaks and some better touchpad drivers, I can see it luring a lot of folks away from netbooks and ultraportables.

This is only a snippet though, so come your next coffee break head over to TR to read the full, four page article.

Read The Tech Report on your Transformer

Read The Tech Report on your Transformer

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  • Vishal

    Nice report specially “The After glow” page.

    Transformer is simply the best.