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June 1st, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
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ASUS really got it right with the Eee PC. This nifty device has taken the world by complete and utter storm (apologies for cliché but, hey, it works) thanks to its size, power, and flexibility. Now ASUS have created a new Eee PC that is even more featuretastic than before.

Eee PC 1025C

The new Eee PC 1025CE is dubbed "Flare"

The Eee PC 1025CE has two very unique features that make it a particularly good choice for someone in the market for a portable PC. First off you get the brand new Intel Cedar Trail CPU. This next generation of processors come from the 32nm family with greater graphical prowess and lower power demands.

It makes these CPUs even more beautiful for mobile innovation and an ideal fit for one of the most portable pieces of tech on the market – the Eee PC. The CPU will have higher clock speeds, full support for DirectX 10.1 and HD decoding. Nice.

One of the main features is the Instant On. This way the 1025CE can sleep for up to 21 days but it’ll fire up the machine within 2-4 seconds at any time. This is way beyond the 3 days of standard sleep other notebooks offer, and even then if the battery dies or gets removed the resume data is lost. Instant On also avoids that scenario by backing up the resume data to the hard drive, this way even if after 21 days of nap when the battery drains, you can just plug it in and fire it up in 2-4 seconds again without losing any work.

All these lovely multimedia extras will work wonders with the new Eee PC 1025CE as will the other feature I’m really excited about – the range of colours. Call me shallow, but I do like to have something other than black or white slapped onto the back of the device I am using.

The colours come in two distinct flavours – matte and glossy. The colours are still being finalised at the moment but some of the ideas for the matte range include white, black, pink and brown. And these are very rich and subtle variations of these colours, which is very nice to see. Strangely enough, I love the black, it looks really chic.

Flare ports

Flared ports

In the glossy range there is blue, white, black and red. These may sound bland, but they are definitely not. The gloss plus the colour levels used make these really pop and shine. I am torn between the blue and the red myself.

In case you’re worried that all you get is an ace new chip and lovely colours, the Eee PC 1025CE also has a 10.1” display, onboard digital camera 0.3MP, tons of connectivity options including USB 2.0, HDMI, CardReader, Audio jacks, and more. The battery life is also incredible – a very healthy 14 hours – and you can connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Delicious.

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  • Vishal

    Compact,stylish,incredible battery backup and Blu ray 2.0.

  • laptoptabletreviews

    To get up to 14 hours with a dual core and full HD performance to boot is a pretty noticeable improvement on run time.

  • Anonymous

    Since Intel just announced its new N2800/N2600 CPUs recently the 1025CEs should follow shortly :-) It’ll be interesting to see your reviews :D