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While many of us are delighted by the Eee Pad Transformer just because it is a beautiful piece of kit that works a charm, there are other benefits to owning one of these ubiquitous devices. One of these benefits is education.

While some parents may find it hard to relinquish their gorgeous tablet and place it into the hands of a three year-old, the Eee Pad Transformer has the potential to encourage learning, develop important tech skills, and help with fine motor skills.

Most children will be enchanted by the free stories that have appeared for the Android platform. From classic tales to new adventures, there are a number of excellent books that read out the story to children while highlighting the letters as the voice goes. It is a superb tool for helping with word recognition in younger children, and for developing reading skills in the older ones.

Tablets give children the chance to also engage in contextual learning. Accessing the internet and information as they ask important questions like “Why is the sky blue?” or “How do you make bricks?” Parents can instantly open up the information and talk it through with their children.

Games for children are also an excellent tool. Sure, there are many people who believe computer games to be the Great Evil, but actually, in moderation, they are excellent devices for encouraging motor skills, concentration, reflexes and learning. Especially games that have been specifically designed for target age groups. And on a pad, these games are far brighter, bigger and more accessible than on a phone or PC.

The finger touch controls help children to develop confidence when working with technology. My daughter had done things on my Eee Pad and figured things out before I even had a chance to do so myself! She is only four…

Then, of course, there are the apps. Apps to help with numbers, counting, drawing, reading, studying, learning, colours and so much more. Many of these apps are free and they will all help to shape a child’s mind and encourage the thought that learning is fun.

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