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August 11th, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
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I am sure that you’ve heard about the ASUS Eee PC X101 by now. We’ve been lucky enough to chat to the product manager of the Eee PC to find out more about how the X101 works, why it is so special and what it means for you as a consumer.

asus eee pc x101

So what about the rest of the world? There appears to be quite a lot of global enthusiasm for the ASUS Eee PC X10 actually, many news outlets rather keen to get their hands on a copy and following its progress with glee.

Endgadget have a hands on video that they took in May, showing you many of the features you can enjoy and giving you a lowdown on why it is so special. Obviously one of the big features of the X101 is the fact that it runs Meego – the wonderfully elegant operating system built on the Linux platform.

asus eee pc x101The world is definitely starting to shift the perception that Linux is all about the incredibly geeky and the difficult to maintain towards a view that it offers some truly superb functionalities to consumer technology. This particular super thin netbook is part of this evolution.

 Cnet focuses on the low price point of the ASUS Eee PC X101 – the $199 price tag – and the fact that it is light, portable and running on Meego. The latter is definitely one of the biggest talking points for this product.

If you fancy seeing an official walkthrough why not take a look at this awesome video on YouTube. Done by none other than the lovely ASUS people themselves, this video speaks volumes and will cover everything you need to know about it.

Hot Hardware ask if ASUS has gone completely mad with this new reinvention of the everso successful netbook, and their conclusion is very positive. Paul Lilly, the bold reporter, suggests that this is just what the faltering netbook market needs.

And that’s just the start. It’s going to be very interesting following the progress of the ASUS Eee PC X101 as it appears across Europe over the next few months and to get my hands on it for some good old fashioned reviewing fun.

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