Ten tips to get more from your Garmin-ASUS phone

July 26th, 2010 in .Handhelds & Smartphones .Products
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Built-in GPS, divine technology, two choices of operating system, and incorporated car kit, make this phone a strong contender in the smartphone market. Choose between the Android powered Nuvifone A10 or the Windows powered M10, and get travelling…

1. Don’t panic about the signal. Thanks to the fact that the A10 has the maps pre-loaded onto the phone, if you drop out of range of the mobile network you’ll still be getting your turn by turn directions.

2. Find your way to fitness. Yes, the phone has turn by turn directions for the humble pedestrian too. So, instead of driving around for hours and battling to find parking, why not set yourself up with a pedometer app and get some exercise. Obviously, this doesn’t count for when you need to navigate highways. Unless you’re a thrill seeker, of course.

3. Talk about it. If you’re feeling a bit bored with your own company as you trudge along why not use the Google Voice Search functionality to discover points of interest in your area. You can even navigate directly from your results.

4. Keep yourself updated. The phone comes with Facebook and YouTube apps preloaded. Combine this functionality with the included 5MP camera and geotagging, and you’ve got yourself a blogging/updating tool in one. Snap those funny moments and have them online faster than you can say, “Where’s the Send button?”.

5. Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride. I love that slogan, it really does have a certain ring to it, but I do have a reason for saying that. The Garmin-ASUS is all about the LBS. No, that’s not a stomach ailment, that’s Location-Based Services. This means your navigation functions are linked to frequently used apps like your calendar and email, internet and messaging. Can you say “interconnected?”

6. Ignore the iPhone. Ha! So they think they have an app for everything? Well, so does the Android OS. The apps for this delectable OS are growing rapidly as it becomes an increasingly popular alternative to the money munching iPhone. This means that you can customise and design your phone to really work with you and your lifestyle. Get online and take a look around.

7. Idiot proof. Yes, it’s idiot-proof, I promise. Look, I may be a geek and I may lounge about on a bed of technology all day, but I also happen to be a bit of an idiot. I am not one of those humans who whips up a device and has it communicating a message of World Peace in seconds. No, I am the human that pokes ineffectually at a screen before giving up and reading the instructions with a cup of tea. This phone had me doing all sorts of awesome stuff in SECONDS.

8. Synch and Survive. You can synch your Garmin-ASUS nuvifone wirelessly with all your relevant apps so you don’t miss appointments, forget important events and struggle to find contact details. Just set up your account and go. This is easily done for both the Windows and Android OS’.

9. Public transport guide. The A10 offers support for the CityXplorer range of maps that help you to plan your routes using public transport options such as the bus, tube, train and more. Once you’ve sorted your timetable, just navigate to the home page and buy your tickets (for the train and tube, not the bus). Considering how lost I get on the London Underground, this has saved me. Lots.

10. Show off. Enter the room with pride, look calm but smug. Wait until everyone else has settled down around the table. Carefully take your Garmin-ASUS phone out of your pocket and place it on the table. Watch as they all coo over it and glow with pride.

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