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December 24th, 2010 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
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Thin is SO in this year. 2010 saw the launch of some amazingly thin laptops that are completely redefining the way technology looks and works. Thanks to the upcoming Sandy Bridge architecture from Intel, a central component for the majority of the ultra thin product ranges in 2011, laptops can go thinner without compromising on performance or suffering from legacy heat issues.

The rumbling on the technology road is that there will be even more ultra thin notebooks by the end of the first quarter in 2011, and I’m pretty sure that ASUS will be leading the way on this one.

We’ve already seen the arrival of the ultra thin and stylish U-series which boast a huge range of features and specifications in some impressively sexy shells. These laptops offer style and performance, and they sit bang on the ultra thin trend.

Ultra thin may sound like just another marketing term but there are tangible benefits, it’s not only about having the thinnest laptop at the table.

Mobility is one of the biggest challenges for consumer technology manufacturers. The question is how to incorporate the latest in speed and performance in a device that isn’t going to need its own transportation system.

ASUS’ U-series has received some impressive reviews, lauding the looks, the battery life, the extra features. And the fact that they are so fantastically light and portable. You also get a rather lovely range to choose from – each laptop offering a unique set of features that  – each laptop offering a unique set of features that will suit different requirements.

My personal favourite out of the entire range has to be the U35Jc with its gorgeous aluminium design and impressive set of features. It’s got nVidia graphics so those travelling humans (like me) who need a business laptop don’t have to spend the commute pining for games. Now you can game too.

It also possesses an all day battery life and you can do video editing, among other things.

It’s some kind of amazing, really, to think about how far technology has come. To see a laptop range like this – one that is so thin you wonder where on Earth Asus have PUT everything – and have it do so much more than we could have ever imagined as little as ten years ago.

So, if you are still panicking about what to get that special someone (or me) for Christmas, then why not nab them an ultra thin, super trendy, divinely sexy laptop. Who knows, they might even let you use it once in a while…

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