Padfone – The smartphone that docks into a tablet

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Behind the scenes of ASUS Padfone

Padfone is the new name for ASUS’ brand new smartphone and tablet combination, that is due for release in a few months. ASUS is showing it off it at Computex, because traditionally it’s a show to preview the latest tech innovations, ideas and concepts. ASUS is insistent this is not just a concept product though, however it’s early days yet and the hardware specs are currently not finalized.

Padfone usage scenarion

We’re told what you see is just a mock-up below, although it should represent the real deal and ASUS does plan to have a running model at Computex so be sure to check out your favourite media websites for more details.

ASUS Padfone

ASUS Padfone

Smartphone ultra-mobility, then a tablet when you need it.

The idea is that the new ASUS smartphone is your everyday phone that you use as you would any other Android smartphone: make calls, send texts, read the news, watch YouTube, answer emails, update Facebook and Twitter, play Angry Birds – the usual routine. Then, instead of buying a whole new tablet for when you just want a bigger display for movies or to multi-task, the smartphone simply plugs into the back of the pad and you can carry on exactly from where you were before. It doesn’t have to turn off – it does it all on the fly.

What if someone makes a call while it’s docked in? Well either pop the phone out the back or use a Bluetooth headset.

Charge the phone from the pad.

The Padfone rolls off current tech desire for tablets and their increasing versatility, but it not only provides a larger display to mirror the same functions as the smartphone, the idea is to also have extra ports and even a backup battery too. This means you can even charge your smartphone via the tablet if you start to run low late in the day.

ASUS Padfone

How the new phone fits into the pad

No more syncing or swapping: One storage pool for both

It also means you don’t have to faff about swapping memory cards, syncing to a PC or waiting to sync into the Cloud, as there’s a single storage pool in the phone for use in both modes.

One data contract for smartphone and tablet

The biggest benefit and temptation is the anticipated cost though – with only one data contract required for both it cuts the cost in half, plus, it means you can have a 3G-enabled tablet for a fraction of the price of an alternative, 10 inch Android pad.

ASUS Padfone

The camera can still be used even when stored

There have been other products mulling around this docking concept before, but no one else has yet to merge smartphone and tablet to simultaneously halve the cost, yet give more than the benefits both offer individually. It might not suit everyone, but then again that’s what the Transformer, Slider and Memo are there for too: all round choice depending on your exact needs.

Let us know what you think of the Padfone in the comments below – we’ll be sure to pass on your thoughts!

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