Milan Design Week: ASUS Design Center Q&A

April 7th, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
Nick Holland
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Milan Design Week: ASUS Design Center Q&A

With this year’s Milan Design Week kicking off next week (yikes, time flies!), ASUS has created it own area with the theme “Senses Remixed”. We’ve managed to grab some Design Center bods for a few minutes for a quick Q&A on ASUS’ activities during the event.

1. What does ASUS have to do with Milan Design Week?

The ASUS Design team is consistently exploring possibilities and innovations that will fulfill the human senses.  Senses Remix is our latest design innovation.  A designer on site will be able to talk about the core of ASUS design philosophy and vision.

2. Why should I visit ASUS at Milan Design Week?

What comes to mind when you think of the words, “play music”?  Is it always linked with an instrument?  This time ASUS is going to revolutionize the way we think about music.  At Milano Studio Digital, journalists will be able to experience first-hand the innovative design piece by ASUS designers called Senses Remix.  It has never been shown before elsewhere.

ASUS Design Center

The Taipei Design Center, hard at work!

3. What exactly is Senses Remix?

Senses Remix is one gigantic piece of instrument consisting of 16 NX 90 co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®. These will act as amplifiers to project the different sounds produced from the various instruments orchestrated by the 16 individual Eee Slate tablet computers.

4. How does Senses Remix work?

It will be available in two modes: performing and interacting.  When it is in the performance mode, 16 NX90′s will perform together like an orchestra. The ASUS designer will then act as the conductor using the Eee Slate as a magical baton that directs the core of each NX90.

When it is switched to the interactive mode, visitors will be able to play their own tune from the various Eee Slates, which are programmed to be different instruments.

5. Who has been directing the designs for ASUS’ area in this year’s Milan Design Week?

2011 MDW Project is a team effort, and the team includes all functions of ASUS Design Center with designers from very different backgrounds. We have industrial designers, programming designers, music composers, video production designers, visual communication designers, mechanical designers, user experience designers, lighting designers and architects involved in the Milano project.

6. What makes ASUS different from other brands?

We start with people. We start with understanding what people are thinking, feeling, and doing – what they value. With this focus of understanding, we will design experiences that inspire and compel. ASUS Design Center starts with what people need and want, realizing our corporate vision; to innovate and perfect solutions that are aesthetically well crafted, that are integrated and intuitive, but also sustainable.

In the new digital era, we actually spend more time with our personalized gadets than we do with our family.  Therefore, ASUS believes that consumer electronics shouldn’t be lifeless metal hulks that are just a part of our lives.  They should inspire our senses and be our most-trust counterparts.

7. What else has ASUS in store for attendees?

ASUS designers are available for interviews and can elaborate on the inspiration and technology behind Senses Remix and all products on display available for hands-on demo. Senses Remix is also only one of three ASUS exhibitions at Milan Design Week, so you have to find out first-hand exactly what ASUS has to offer in Milan.

Do you have any question or comments for the Design Center? Will you be attending next week and want to make an appointment with ASUS? Let us know in the comments below!

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