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Matt Black
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Our friends over at Campus Life dug up this little gem by Laptop Mag comparing the proverbial netbook to the new Chromebook.

Both are designed for the basic day to day needs of an internet user, who also does a bit of office or school work and watches a few movies, but they are also more mobile than laptops due to their smaller size.

Eee PC 1215N

The Eee PC 1215N compared in Laptopmag's test.

With a slew of laptops set to come out loaded with Google’s new Chrome OS, pitted the ASUS 1215N with Samsung’s new Chromebook and asked: Chromebook vs. Netbook – which is better?

There are certainly benefits to Chromebooks.  They are always connected, boot-up super fast, and are optimized for the web.  But can a Chromebook really deliver the best laptop experience?

Well Laptopmag comes to the conclusion that in five out of six tests – and even when it comes to Web – the Chromebook pales in respect to a traditional Windows-based netbook. With the ability to run many applications, software, and multi-task efficiently, the Windows netbook is still the King of this Ring;

“Although Chrome OS delivers a solid web experience, we were surprised to find that Chrome 12 under Windows actually performed better on some key tests. The lack of a desktop in Chrome OS is also disconcerting. Having to hunt down apps to open files that would normally be handled by Microsoft Office can be a pain. Windows gives users tons of options in the form of multiple web browsers, applications, and software. By creating such a narrow experience, the Chromebook has essentially painted itself into a corner. Google has said that it will update the Chromebook with new apps and extensions on a six-week development cycle, which gives it potential. But for now a traditional laptop is definitely the way to go.”

You can read the full comparative over at and if you’ve any more questions or comments on Netbooks or Chromebooks (or even Meego-books like the X101) then drop us your thoughts below.

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