Just $199: The ultra-portable X101 netbook with MeeGo

May 31st, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
Nick Holland
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The Eee PC X101

ASUS has announced just its ultra-portable X101 to upset the netbook norm. Remember when the Eee PC 701 launched? At $199 the X101 is cheaper than that, plus its larger (10″ vs 7″) and inevitably has a better hardware spec as well. Four years of tech advancements later and the effect of taking the netbook back to its (Linux+budget) roots clearly has its advantages.

Eee PC X101

The Eee PC X101 in pearl white.

The X101 actually comes in two flavours – the MeeGo orientated original flavour, and the X101H Windows 7 version too. Obviously we’re more interested in the MeeGo one as it’s sufficiently new and fresh enough to tantalize our geek organ. If you’re unsure about MeeGo and ASUS’ additions like MyZone, you can always wind back to last weeks look to see what all the fuss is about.

The full spec list for the X101 is as follows:

- 262 x 180 x 17.6mm

- Around 900g with three cell battery

- 10.1″ LED backlight monitor (1,204 x 600)

- Intel next generation Atom CPU

- Up to 2GB DDR3


- 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth

- Two USB 2.0

- One combo audio jack for headphone/headset

- MicroSD card reader

- 0.3MP camera

Eee PC X101

Eee PC X101. Try the netbook diet and in just 30 days you could look this thin too!

The X101H with Windows 7 has a slightly different hardware spec (and price) to the MeeGo X101: it uses a larger 250/320GB hard drive to cram the OS and all your other Windows apps on, although this does make it ever-so-slightly more portly at 22mm deep.

Are you interested in the X101 and MeeGo? Let us know your thoughts on this $199 netbook in the comments below.

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