The ASUS NX90 home entertainment laptop

James Kidder
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The ASUS NX90 has been turning plenty of heads at this year’s CES in Las Vegas — and for good reason. This stunning home entertainment laptop is the result of a collaborative effort between ASUS and Bang & Olufsen designer David Lewis, and there’s never been a laptop like it.

B&O is renowned for a bold design that marries form with function in exciting ways and Lewis has used that same aesthetic approach for the ASUS NX90. With a case constructed from polished aluminium rather than plastic, ASUS sees the NX90 as a luxury item that can form the focal point of a room, rather than something to be hidden away until it’s needed.

High-quality stereo speakers flank that 18.4” HD display and twin trackpads that sit either side of the full-size keyboard provide a whole host of new ways to interact with software — ASUS also developed an innovative UI for the NX90 to exploit them.

We hope to have more details of the ASUS NX90 soon, so in the meantime we’ll leave you with some photos of this gorgeous home entertainment laptop.

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