Saying farewell to the ASUS O!Play BDS-700 media player

January 2nd, 2012 in .Home Entertainment & HTPC .Products
Mrs Mario
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I’ve had a month with the ASUS O!Play BDS-700 media player and I’ve spent a lot of time testing and tweaking it to see what it can do. Overall I’ve found this device to be everything it promised on the tin. It’s easy to set up, has plenty of features, and makes media streaming very accessible.

asus oplay bds-700 media player

I have to say that in spite of one or two minor issues, like a faint darkening when streaming via USB 2.0 and some installation hiccups, the BDS-700 is exceptional. I am extremely sad to see this handy gadget leave my testing room and may cry a little when it is taken away.

Looking back, the highlights include the extremely easy setup of the wired and wireless network, the instant access to my PC and media files, and the quick navigation offered by the remote control. The latter is especially worth noting as often a remote can be fiddly and counter intuitive, the remote for the BDS-700 media player is not. It has great range and simple, intuitive controls.

Other elements worth noting include: BD-Live and 3D. You can set your ASUS O!Play BDS-700 to download BD-Live content where applicable by going to the Setup Menu and setting the permissions and watch 3D movies or content using a high speed HDMI cable (you can even switch off 3D if you want to watch a movie on a display that doesn’t have 3D capability).

The ASUS O!Play BDS-700 media player allows access to all the features included on many BD videos so you can adjust parental control passwords, languages, and more. In the video settings you also have access to HDMI Deep Colour settings to expand the colours on the display to billions and x.v.colour – working with these settings it is easy to adjust the faint darkening of the video if you have this issue with streaming from USB.20 and get exceptional quality for large display sizes that show up every flaw and detail.

asus oplay bds-700 media player

The instruction manual is well laid out and offers most solutions to tricky problems. It’s unlikely that you’ll spend time with your head in your hands, trying to figure out why something just isn’t working properly. The hints, tips and troubleshooting ideas are clear and usually cover all the bases.

Overall, the BDS-700 is a chic and simple media player that does what it should and adds that little something extra to your media viewing pleasure.

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  • trp88

    Do you have any information on UK availability?

  • Clement Chong

    Do you have any information on Hong Kong availability?

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid that the O!Play BDS-700 is not going to be launched in the UK. *sadness*