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E35M1DeluxeASUS has just announced that they will be shipping their first AMD Brazos platform motherboards, the E35M1 series. Ohhh yes, these are exciting times we live in! The AMD Brazos platform was introduced in January this year and it has been designed specifically for netbooks, basic notebooks and other types of low-power desktop and home theatre platforms.

The Brazos platform includes a brand new Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) that integrates a CPU and GPU, and includes dedicated support for HD video, DirectX 11, and OpenCL, among other such tasty things.

So, for those of you who like what you see on AMD’s new mobile/low power platform, this development will be something of a special treat. ASUS’ motherboard series that boasts the Brazos platform is known as E35M1 and it features the 1.6GHz dual-core E-350 Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) .

I agree, that last name is awesome. It makes me think of robotic entities taking over the world. AnywE35M1ay, moving on…

The E35M1 series motherboards have been specifically designed to deliver ultra-efficiency in space and energy.  This series of motherboards are available in micro ATX and mini-ITX sizes, and eat up less than 30W watts TDP, which means they are ideal for using in HTPC setups.

The E35M1 motherboards are brilliant for anyone who wants power saving without sacrificing too much on the spec side of things. Stay tuned for reviews and views, but this launch can only mean good things for the mobile user.

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