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P1LEDprojectorASUS recently unveiled the P1 LED projector at CeBIT and, if you love projectors as much as I do, this is really going to get your attention.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to splay enormous images across walls at parties. I can’t help it. The idea of watching a movie play out on my living room wall makes me shiver with delight. The magnitude, the brilliance, that feeling of living in your own theatre – these are the reasons why a projector is such a great buy.

The ASUS P1 LED projector is, obviously, suitable for more than just maniacs like me who want supreme home entertainment. This chap can function as effectively in a business sphere as anywhere else.

The size of the P1 is what really gets me. It is just 33mm in height but still offers 200-lumen brightness and a resolution of 1280×800. That’s a lot of lovely in a compact case.

The P1 LED projector is compatible with ASUS notebooks with as simple plug and play functionality and an easy to use and understand controls. I like that. While I do love gadgets and geek out over tech, when I’m busy I don’t really want to spend hours poring over a manual just to figure out how to turn something on.

p1ledprojectorThe P1 also includes some of the trademarks of ASUS that we know and love – long life and power saving. The LED projection technology built into the projector reduces maintenance costs and the lamp lifespan has been tested to last up to four times longer than conventional projectors.

Anyone who’s owned a projector will know how costly, and frustrating, it can be to constantly change the lamp so this is definitely a noteworthy feature.  I am also impressed with the size. We don’t have a very big lounge. In fact, a cat would have a particularly bad time of it if I decided to swing it around in there.

It also means that with our penchant for tech, we can’t really afford to stick large devices in there. The P1 LED projector is only 113x33x128mm in size. Teeny. Really. I mean, this can fit quite comfortable on the shelf I have already mentally allocated to it, and even possibly fit in as an art deco ornament.

This level of functionality with form pleases me.

Other lovely extras include: instant on/off switching (wahoo), mercury-free LED lighting, 30,000 hour lamp life, and a low power draw of 50watts.

Now that, dear reader, is a projector…

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