Five ways a netbook rocks

January 31st, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
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Last year the debate started to heat up. Are netbooks suffering as a result of the surge in tablets? Will they stay cool? Well, the answer is, quite simply, yes. Here are five reasons why your netbook rocks…

1. Customisation

Whether you own a Windows-run netbook, or a Linux behemoth, you have far more control and customisation options. Linux lovers  can spend hours and hours tweaking and tuning and adding and fixing, and Windows fans can spend time programming and customising the system in their own way too.  Your netbook can become a complete extension of your personality.

2. Storage

That lovely SSD, the lovely amount of space. The netbook offers you portability and excellent storage. And it is very robust thanks to the genius behind solid state drives and their effortless strength. You can add pictures, take movies, store documents and all other such lovely things without having to constantly check that you’re not over the limit.

3. Battery swap

Your netbook’s battery can be swapped out for one that is newer, bigger, faster, better, whenever you darn well like. Fancy an extended battery life? No problem. It is here that the netbook’s versatility remains utterly true, proving that you really can’t live without your netbook. So, you’re going to have to get both a tablet and a netbook. Simples!

4. Upgrade

Your RAM not quite cutting the computing mustard this month? With a little bit of hard work you can actually upgrade the RAM of your netbook to a something a little more palatable. No, the upgrade is nowhere near as mindblowing as if it were a desktop PC, of course, but it is still an option to add a little bit extra when you need it most.

5. Netbooks were first

Netbooks have been around for quite a bit longer than the pads, and they have had a lot of attention paid to their inner workings. They’ve been honed, tuned, perfected and designed to the max. They work, and they work well.

Of course, there really shouldn’t be a choice. I honestly couldn’t part with either my netbook or my pad and really hope that nobody ever forces me to choose between them. My tablet does one set of things for me and my netbook does another set, and they sit side by side in perfect harmony.

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