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As half term progresses, education is on most parents’ minds. How their child’s education is progressing, how they are coping, and how to help them get the most out of their schooling.

I know that it’s a subject close to my heart. I want to be able to support my kids in their education as much as possible,  but often there are no clear ways on how to tackle it. Do you ride them about homework? Do you get their entire syllabus so you can structure half-term around it?

The last thing you want to do is put your children off learning.

Well, one thing that children today can have with impunity is a PC. In my day (let’s not make comments about my age here) the very idea of a PC in ever home – Bill Gates’ vision – was ludicrous. Those of us who had them spent most of the time yelling at them for crashing, breaking down or collapsing without saving all our hard work.

This is not true today at all.

You may not know this, but ASUS actually have an entire website dedicated to education. To the many benefits offered by the Eee PC to students and children. I was amazed. Who knew that my little netbook, my little travelling friend, could be so useful when it came to my kids.

First off, Eee PCs are ideal for younger kids as their small keyboards and light weights mean that children can access and use them really easily. The fact that their SSDs are more robust than standard hard drives can’t hurt either…

Also, the Eee PC range come with educational features built in. Actual activities that can help boost your child’s education. I find this quite brilliant. What also helps, of course, is the fact that the Eee PCs connect quickly to the internet so I can pop my kids onto educational sites while I sort out household admin.

I really do this. I am not entirely sure what I would have done without Cbeebies online providing my child with (what I feel is) wholesome educational entertainment.

If you spend some time browsing through ASUS’ educational site, you’ll even uncover a PDF that talks you through how technology can be used at different levels of a child’s education – from Reception right until 12th grade.

I snuck some ace half term tips off there. Let’s face it, while I adore my children it can be really hard juggling them while I’m trying to work. School might be out, but our jobs aren’t! Sometimes I think that it would be much cleverer if businesses shut down for school holidays too…

So, whether you’re looking for ways to help your kids at school, or just want some kind of advice on whether or not you should invest in home technology for your kids, then take a look at the site.

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