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The launch of the Eee Pad Transformer on the Android Honeycomb system means that apps for the Android Market are falling happily out of the sky and landing at your fingertips. However, how do you know which of these apps are worth spending the time on downloading? I’ve done some digging and found several apps that will work brilliantly with your Eee Pad Transformer and expand young minds.

Kids ABC Letters is available as a free download or for £2.42 if you fancy the HD version. If you get the free app then the game stops at the letter H and it is designed for the mobile phone. So is it worth paying for?

There are quite a few activities included in the game that are simple yet addictive. Kids will enjoy the easy gameplay although older tots may find it not to be enough of a challenge. I would say that as an educational tool for preschoolers and kids in Reception it gets a neat 7/10 for teaching them how to recognise letters and words.

android apps for eee pad transformer

Preschool Basics costs $1.99 (that’s a very cheap £1.20 for UK folk) and consists of a colourful set of flashcards designed to teach children in preschool and kindergarten (nursery) the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, and vocabulary. It’s had excellent reviews from other users and even includes the UK pronunciation of the letter “zed” – as opposed to the USA “zee”.

android apps for eee pad transformer

Another Intellijoy app, Kids Connect the Dots, sells for £1.81 on Android Market and has been, according to the site, downloaded over a million times. It isn’t excessively expensive and includes over 100 puzzles for kids to enjoy. Kids learn motor skills, co-ordination, matching and logic thinking while having fun. 

android apps for eee pad transformer

Spelling Bee teaches older children to spell in excess of 2300 English words. The only concern here would be the difference between English and US spelling (such as color vs. colour) but it gets rave reviews from other users and costs a mere 60p to download and enjoy.

android apps for eee pad transformer

Finally, and this is by no means even scratching the surface of what’s available, there is Baby Sign Language which was seen on Dragon’s Den. This is a sign language tool that you and your baby can use together and is really easy to use. Any parent who’s tried out baby signing will know what a difference it can make so this is definitely an app to watch if you’re expecting, or if you have a baby in hand.

android apps for eee pad transformer

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  • Ivan Trusov

    Here are some more educational apps for Eee Pad Transformer:
    Kids Shape Puzzle THD Lite

    Kids ABC Phonics THD

    Kids Learn to Read THD

  • Ionut Dobrin

    do you see kids in the future each of them with a tablet at school?the new way of teaching and learning in the future….I DO…there is an image in my head

  • Mrs Mario

    It’s going to happen, it’s already happening. The future is here.