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January 29th, 2011 in .Handhelds & Smartphones .Products
Mrs Mario
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At first people thought they were a gimmick, something that would never work and that would soon dwindle into obscurity. Then, as eBooks grew in popularity, people started to worry that they would kill the book and heralded the end of an era.

While pen and paper books have not exactly been helped by the recession, they have remained a stalwart of our lives. The fact that you can buy them almost everywhere nowadays is testament to that.  But recent news shows how successfully eBooks are marching up the rankings.

Readers, such as the ASUS DR-900, are proving to be a monumentally good creation for our modern world. They are light and thin and fit into most bags, satchels and carry-ons. Their weight doesn’t change, no matter HOW many books you thrust into them, and they are a pleasure to read.

Even book lovers are turning to the world of the eBook when convenience dictates. Don’t worry, you’re not betraying books, you’re just making them a little bit more portable.  With 2GB of built-in storage you’re looking at being able to store around 5000 books (give or take a hefty tome or two) without cluttering up your lounge or needing a bus to transport them all.

While you will need to charge your eBook reader (every two weeks or so, what a hardship!) it will happily get you reading no matter where you are, without having to struggle with the weight or space. These are just so much easier to use on crowded public transportation.

There are also so many titles available that you’ll fill up that 2GB of space before you know it (thank goodness the DR-900 has an extra SD slot, then) and new releases are also being launched in the eBook format almost daily. You will definitely not be short of things to read, not at all.

I think that the best thing about having my eBook reader is the fact that it hasn’t clashed with my love of paper books at all. I still buy books, usually ones to collect, and use my eBook reader to read those books that usually would have ended up being donated to charity.

So, if you’re a little worried or sceptical, don’t be. The bandwagon has literally up and left the station now, and the eBook world is starting to pop with all sorts of fantastic stuff. Soon you’ll even be able to get a seriously cool customised skin for your DR-900… Give one a try and you’ll soon be a convert.

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