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July 13th, 2010 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
Nick Holland
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Building a laptop as a business machine is entirely different than making one for a consumer. We’re not talking about removing the bling lights and making it a boring brown box. Lenovo might be a typical name thrown around for business users but it’s not the only company to build specific models with them in mind.

The ASUS P42 and P52 are the 14 and 15.6 inch such laptops designed with extra features like Shockshield hard drive protection – to keep your disk from damage when the inevitable knocks and bumps from travel occur.

ASUS P52 business laptop

ASUS P52 business laptop

More importantly is the security the data and your business’ intellectual property, should the laptop get stolen. ASUS has teamed up with Absolute Software to include its Computrace LoJack software that can track a stolen laptop and alert the local authorities to retrieve it.

Combine that with hard drive encryption and the relevant passworded logins, and that goes some way to beefing up mobile corporate security.

Both laptops come with the latest Core i3 or i5 mobile CPUs, up to 8GB of memory and an Nvidia GeForce 310M with Optimus Technology to improve the graphical performance, but without the expense of battery life. At the moment there is no claimed battery life by ASUS, but it does pack a massive 640GB hard drive, or faster 7,200RPM 500GB option. Unfortunately, there’s no SSD option in there for ultimate drop-proofing, but that’s likely to keep costs down and since it takes a standard 2.5in hard drive it’s easily upgraded by the IT department if it’s really needed.

The P-series doesn’t compromise on looks too; it maybe a slimming and simple all-black design, but the lid is covered in brushed aluminium that adds a professional factor. There’s nothing worse than turning up to that “all important meeting” and having to take out the embarrassing grey brick from your bag that takes 5 minutes to boot. How many times do you have to fill those awkward, time consuming minutes while you’re waiting for the OS to load, then Powerpoint etc. With a ninja CPU, plenty of ram and a fast hard drive that’s no longer an issue.

ASUS P52 features brushed aluminium

ASUS P52 features brushed aluminium

Next time you’re thinking of a new notebook for your own business, or you’re lucky enough to request a specific model from the IT department, evidently it’s worth stacking up the ASUS P42 or P52 on the shortlist.

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