ASUS teases us with its new Eee Pads and tablets

January 4th, 2011 in .News & Events .Pads & Slates .Products
Nick Holland
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I hate getting pictures like this, because I want need more. Much more. My geek organ remains unsatisfied ASUS! You hear me! No one will tell me the details yet, and I think they’re ignoring my 476 emails and multiple answerphone messages I left, so this is all we’re getting until CES on January 4th.

These are the new Eee Pads. Not one, but three. Gee, thanks, ASUS! Way to make the already difficult decision, harder.

Enough whinging from me, here’s what I’ve got to share:

Eee Pad teaser

Ooh is that two layers?

Eee Pad teaser

Aluminium and glass: sharp (looking)!

Eee Pad Preview 3

Wait.. tablet and keyboard?

eee pad preview

Chromed edges, textured back, side ports and ... another keyboard! Or the same?

eee pad preview

That's a lovely bit of stylish texturing there. Oh nom nom nom.

Time to warm up the credit card and hope that Christmas bonus Santa promised has cleared already.

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  • monkeygust

    Looks like a laptop to me. A tablet PC.