ASUS Immensity – By Name and By Nature

June 7th, 2010 in .PC Components .Products
Nick Holland
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ASUS Republic of Gamer line was always innovative, but Immensity is something else! The board uses not only Intel’s ultimate X58 platform, but it bolts in a Lucid Hydra 200 chipset and Radeon HD 5000 series graphics chipset and memory directly to the motherboard PCB!

Why? Well how about a 20% performance improvement using the onboard GPU mixed with your own graphics card, thanks to Lucid’s Hydra technology. It’s unique hardware is capable of blending any two graphics cards together, no matter whether they are ATI or Nvidia. Most people buy a single GPU, so any other board with Lucid Hydra on it is often wasted – not so for Immensity.

ASUS RoG team has gaming at its very heart, so it’s a natural extension of the brand, however no one expected bolting a full GPU right into the core of a motherboard!

This does require a heavy duty cooling solution, but as usual ASUS makes it look magnificent with yet another sharp, angular design that still fits within the overall theme, but still doesn’t get in the way of additional components.

In addition to all this, the core components have been beefed up: the power hardware for CPU, memory and X58 northbridge include the very latest high amp MOSFETs and multiple Fujitsu ML capacitors to make sure your overclock is never without a stable, reliable power source.

While ASUS admits the product is largely conceptual, with enough demand we could see it come to market! Time to go make some noise in the comments!

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