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Eee Slate EP1213D is finally coming of age. Gone are the days of dodgy Jaws-style images and funny glasses and in come some truly spectacular technologies that are seriously going to change the way you experience things.

ASUS have not just ambled onto the scene with tablets that offer a huge range of features and design extras; they’ve also talked about their plans to release a tablet that offers 3D. How utterly brilliant is that?

I have gone from being extremely sceptical about the idea of 3D to a complete convert. A bit like an ex-smoker who glares at those who puff away, I now stare with longing at devices that offer 3D and talk about it to anybody who will listen.

The thing is, with a 3D tablet you have so much more to enjoy. Think about how brilliantly your media will appear? How sublime it would be to sit on the plane or train and watch a 3D movie while the hours whistle past? I am frankly delighted.

CeBIT saw ASUS talk about the idea of their 3D tablet which would be a Quad Core beauty – the CPU possibly being that was introduced by nVidia last month and that has the awesome Superman moniker. Personally, as a fan of Superman, I would happily buy anything that had a CPU called Kal El. Yes, I am that weird.

Eee Slate EP121 The 3D tablet from ASUS would likely have SSD memory, run the Android Honeycomb software and be powerful enough to allow enjoyment of all sorts of media and entertainment. It’s enough to make me want to start a tablet collection. One for each mood and functionality.

The ASUS range of tablets, due out later this year, look set to compete really well against other offerings currently out there – both in price and levels of functionality. It’s definitely going to be a very exciting year for those of us who love the tablet phenomenon, and this 3D idea just pops the cherry onto the cake.

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