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June 7th, 2010 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products
Bobby O’Reilly
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If you’ve been following the posts here on TiS over the last week you’ll have seen that ASUS’ Computex line-up has been garnering headlines around the world. Most eyes, of course, have been focussed on the two slimline tablet machines that the company has launched, the Eee Pad and the Eee Tablet.

Take a look at this video posted by the Inquirer today, though. It’s a look at a new technology that’s planned for the end of the year which allows laptops to hook up to TV screens wirelessly. If you hate cables anywhere near as much as I do, and want to get rid of that spaghetti mess in your lounge, it’s a development you’ll look forward to.

The key part to take notice of is the latency free connection. In other words, images appear on screen just as quickly as they do if you’re using a standard HDMI cable. That means you can play high speed games over the link and not

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