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eee slate ep121You’ve probably heard about the Eee Pad Transformer. A nifty device that can transform itself into a netbook at the click of some snappy tech (no, sorry, not into an enormous truck that will save the world. Maybe another time) so what about the Eee Slate EP121? Ring any bells?

Well it’s about to. Hot on the heels of the Eee Pad Transformer comes the Eee Slate EP121, the most powerful tablet around. The EP121 is an impressive slice (slice, geddit? Because it’s so thin?) of tablet kit that offers up a range of features and abilities that will blow your hair back, especially if you want tech will growl.

The EP121 comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. This is a slate and a computer that combines the freedom of working with a tablet alongside the power and performance of a laptop.

Included in the list of features is a Bluetooth keyboard, Wacom Digitaliser, Intel GMA HD graphics, support for Adobe Flash 10.1, Gorilla Glass screen, 12.1 inches of screen landscape, 64GB SSD, 2MP camera, and all this neatly packed into a device that’s only 17mm thick.

Lightweight and feature rich, the EP121 is also the first slate to feature full-power dual core Intel Core I processing power. It can handle the eee slate ep121weight of the Windows 7 operating system with ease, hefty the demands like a pro. If you need a tablet with all the comforts of PC home, then this is it.

You can carry it on the move without feeling too much of a heft in your pocket, certainly less than most portable devices, and it still delivers the commuting power and tech you need to stay in touch on the road.

The Eee Slate EP121 is steady and sturdy and retails for around £999 off Amazon.

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