Take Xtion! Develop your own app and win $20k!

March 23rd, 2011 in .News & Events
Matt Black
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Xtion – Action (ækʃən)

If you’re a programmer – (especially if you’re into Kinect hacks) – you might just want to listen up. ASUS has just launched its Xtion Pro developer kit and is challenging programmers to make their own innovative Xtion apps. There’s a $24,000USD prize pot and the best app will take away $20,000USD of that and get prime place on ASUS’ own @vibe app store, so it’s well worth getting in it to win it.

Asus Xtion Challenge Accepted

Develop your own app? $20k? Challenge accepted!

To get involved, firstly you have to own an ASUS Xtion: then just find the SDK shipped on the disc in the box. The Xtion Pro SDK is OpenNI compatible, making the platform very accessible for users of all levels of programming. The requested programming language is either C++ or C#, and all games or applications are required to be able to run on ASUS Xtion PRO and must have the minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7

CPU: Intel® Conroe Core processor or above

AMD Athlon64 AM2 Socket or above

System Memory: 2GB

Graphics Card: Supports DX9.0 or above

Graphics Memory: 1GB

Resolution: 1280*720 screen resolution

There are a range of categories that can be aimed at, two of which are the obvious uses for Xtion which ASUS expects to see most entries in, but the judges are also interested in any innovative and creative flair out there too:

  • Games on any subject, such as sporting, racing, puzzle or  educational etc
  • Multimedia; relating to photo, music or video control or interaction
  • Miscellaneous; a free for all where you can explore your creativity to interact with anything PC related!

In addition to the entry, participants are also asked to create a short two minute video explaining their product, and how to interact with it. This is only used to show the interaction and how the application works, we’ve been told users won’t be judged on the quality of video production, so it doesn’t need a Michael Bay-ifying.

Are you taking part? Let us know in the comments below!

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