Longest lasting portables – it’s official

March 30th, 2010 in .News


ASUS laptops and netbooks have recently been recognized by global extended warranty specialists SquareTrade as among the most reliable in the world.

The organization conducted research based on failure reports submitted by over 30,000 consumers, all relating to laptops and netbooks. By failure, SquareTrade means hardware faults as well as freefalling to hardwood floors and spilled grande americanos – also known as accidents. They offer warranty service that covers accidental failure and count this as relevant data in their studies.

SquareTrade reports an average 31% failure rate for all laptops and netbooks over three years – the survey only went that far back. Older purchases were not included, apparently. This means roughly a third of these machines tend to go haywire by the time consumers hit their third anniversary together.

The survey found that portable computers tend to break more than other types of electronic devices due to the rigors of usage demanded by consumers, as due to their intricate designs. It also discovered that netbooks appear to be 20-40% more prone to failure than larger laptops, with the more expensive the laptop, the more reliable it is compared to your average netbook.

SquareTrade has given ASUS laptops and netbooks the thumbs up as the most reliable among all brands surveyed. ASUS gear demonstrated a failure and accident rate of 15.6%, or 40% better than other brands.

You can check out the full report at http://www.squaretrade.com/pages/laptop-reliability-1109/

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