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April 9th, 2010 in .News & Events
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We called it, with so much hardcore hardware and a design straight out of Area 51 lore, the ASUS ROG G73 is the gaming notebook to beat, and the good folks over at CNET UK seem to agree.

Rory Reid recently took a G73 in for some one-on-one lovin’, and he came back singing the gaming colossus’ praises.

Sexy beast

Rory’s score for the G73 stands at a 9.2/10, one of the highest ratings CNET UK has ever given any notebook in any category. It’s easy to understand why the reaction has been so positive, really. All you need are a few minutes on the G73, and the wonder of playing some of the newest games in full detail on a notebook begins to sink in.

Until rather recently, notebooks were those PCs you took to school and did all kinds of low-intensity, generally ho-hum things on, but with the G73, they’ve become the next evolution of the gaming desktop. This is quite the paradigm shift, manifested by the G73’s spec sheet, which reads like the blue print for Darth Vader’s next Super Star Destroyer.

But before we veer too close to a state of drool, please head over to CNET UK, we’ll let Mr. Reid do the talking.

CNET UK review of the ASUS ROG G73

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