Fastest commercially-available RAM unveiled

April 16th, 2010 in .News
Suds McSoapdish

Massive performance

It pays to cooperate, apparently, because notable RAM and accessory makers G.Skill just recently managed to produce the fastest mainstream memory ever with the assistance of ASUS hardware.

We’re talking dual-channel DDR3 memory, to be marketed by G.Skill as part of their Trident performance line. The memory kit in question is clocked at a rather zippy 2.5GHz actual, all the more impressive since the voltage is kept to a normal 1.65v.

P7P55D-E Deluxe

This new Trident module has been optimized for performance with Intel i7 860/870 variants, and the record speed was made possible on ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe and P7P55D-E EVO motherboards, both of which feature extensive overclocking and tuning facilities for speed-minded users. 


While this sounds like a simple achievement, G.Skill assures us it wasn’t, since getting the speed is one thing, maintaining it and ensuring stable operation at the same time is an altogether different story. Therefore, it took quite a lot of testing to get this done and make it possible on a marketable level.  

However, it should be worth it for users, particularly power enthusiasts. This memory is significantly faster than other available kits, making it ideal for reducing, or outright eliminating, performance bottlenecks and realizing the increased potential of recent CPU developments.

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