ASUS goes tiny but mighty with the M4A88T-I

June 10th, 2010 in .News & Events
Nick Holland
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At Computex 2010 we noticed a cunning little motherboard (literally, tiny) on the ASUS booth called the M4A88T-I Deluxe.

Designed with the latest AMD 880G chipset, it uses the latest integrated graphics with the most recent Radeon HD 4230 series GPU that can accelerate every type of HD video imaginable, reducing the demands on the CPU. Throw in DTS audio technology included in its sound chipset and this combination means lower power use and less heat, all while you enjoy silky smooth playback and the best audio fidelity possible in your Blu-ray and HD movies. That’s very nice indeed!

ASUS-M4A88T-I motherboard

ASUS-M4A88T-I motherboard

We also pointed out in our previous home theater articles that silence is extremely important in choosing HTPC components, and ASUS obliges by not using a single fan. The ASUS AT3IonT-I also didn’t use a fan, but the advantage of the M4A88T-I is that it’s potentially more powerful. A lot more powerful.

With an AMD AM3 socket it means it’s the smallest board available that can handle quad or six-core CPUs. Coupled with fast DDR3 memory and a full 16x PCI-Express socket for either a powerful graphics card or add-in expansion card, the ASUS M4A88T-I offers high-end desktop performance in a fraction of the space.

ASUS-M4A88T-I motherboard

ASUS-M4A88T-I motherboard connectivity

Additional features include USB 3, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi, eSATA plus three internal SATA ports, HDMI, DVI, and S/PDIF out: there should be nothing more you need.

The M4A88T-I offers masses of versatility then: it’s ideally applicable for a low power home theater machine, to powerful desktop, to highly portable gaming machine.  For once, thinking small isn’t a criticism, it’s the sign of things to come.

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