Six Of The Best Search Engines For Kids

July 25th, 2011 in .Family Tech
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A search engine without secure parameters can be a dangerous thing for a child unleashed on the internet. Obviously I don’t mean that suddenly the Internet Sharks are going to leap up out of those virus infested waters and bite down on unwary fingers, but you honestly don’t want to have to explain things like to your curious child. Trust me…

So, instead of warily allowing them to play with Google without much protection, why not use any one of these excellent search engines for kids. Simple, effective and pretty much as safe as can be when it comes to safe online searching they offer plenty of activities and support. However, like anything on the internet, they are not completely foolproof so you do need to keep an eye on things.

1. Yahooligans

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Like most search engines for kids, Yahooligans isn’t run off automated software but rather is handled by real human beings. No, it isn’t a scurrying mass of people answering each request, but the answers come from a series of double-checks designed to ensure that the answers are appropriate.

2. Kids Click

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Not as slick and shiny as many of the more well-known search engines for kids, this site is nevertheless very well put together. Owned by the School of Library and Information Science at Kent State university, it is specifically designed to offer up child-friendly facts.

3. Ask Kids

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From the original Ask Jeeves, now owned by AOL, the Ask Kids search engine is for kids aged six to 12 and every website was selected by the team as child appropriate or as a relevant and practical site for reference and learning.

4. MSN Encarta

While not technically a search engine, MSN Encarta does let kids search for information while they are doing research. However, it is well respected and secure and designed to keep kids save. It even gives you advice on how to set the browser to block potentially objectionable material.

5. Boolify

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Boolify was designed to help kinds understand the abstract concepts behind the online search process. It supports the curriculum and your kids benefit by learning how to sift information, how to spot the useful stuff, and make them comfortable with what they need to do.

6. Quintura Kids

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Quintura is a visual search engine that allows you to see what you need and then click on it to gain the research. They have both an adult and child version and the kid version is kept nice and moderate, with relevant links and information.

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