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March 29th, 2011 in .Pads and Slates
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Eee Pad TransformerASUS’ Eee Pad Transformer is ready for take-off  and is garnering a lot of interest from those in the know. But why should you be interested in a tablet that runs Android 3.0? Well, Android 3.0 has been designed from the ground up specifically for tablets and it offers a wealth of features that are guaranteed to make you pause.

Android 3.0 includes features and back-end functionality that are designed to work flawlessly with the pad interface. And the needs of the tablet user.

Android 3.0 takes advantage of the tablet’s larger home screen and offers better apps and widget for better user control and manipulation. One excellent example of this is the way in which you can view Gmail on your Eee Pad Transformer. Instead of a thin line of emails that have to be individually accessed, you can now access a preview pane to get them in greater detail.

There is a sleek finesse about the Android 3.0 operating system that many reviews have raved about. Some features, like pop-overs, show you previews of open apps when you run a finger over them. In fact, the entire system has been designed specifically for fingertip control.

The beauty of a pad is that it is all about instant mobility and access at the touch of a digit. The Android 3.0 system has understood that and worked hard to make it seamless. Tapping an icon has it open swiftly, flipping spins you through the available programmes, and additional apps can be added by dint of adding extra pressure to the screen.

The system is eminently customisable, you can transform (ahem) your Eee Pad into your own personal workspace, with your own choices and style, within minutes of getting your hands on it. And Android 3.0 supports widgets which makes navigating movies and music, for example, seamless and easy.

You don’t need to worry about speed either. Dump visions of sludgy interaction and slow reactions, Android 3.0 has been bred for speed. It’s fluid and speedy, plus it offers up options for incredible screen resolutions that put competitors to shame.

The Eee Pad Transformer will take the OS to an entirely new level with its enormous screen real estate and clever features. Certainly the two look set to have a long and happy marriage as both ASUS and Google are taking their creations very seriously.

Google has already released updates for Android 3.0 to allow for Flash compatibility, and ASUS are known for fine-tuning their tech to the nth degree.

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