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Buy ASUS Products, get Battlefield 3! Read »

Buy specially marked ASUS products and receive a full version of Battlefield 3!

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Videos: Join Jason Mraz and get searching for incredible Read »

Watch the webisodes online.


Crosshair V Formula + AMD FX CPU Overclocking guide Read »

Bulldozer is here! Time to over-clock AMD’s latest offering. A 100% working method to over-clock your new Bulldozer system.


ASUS ZENBOOK design ideas Read »

Taking a look at the inspiration behind the new Ultrabook


Wouldn’t if be lovely if…? Read »

Posted September 21st, 2011 in .ASUS Design .Behind the Scenes at ASUS .News & Events

Sometimes we just wish that we could ask ASUS to change or add something to one of their products. Now we have the opportunity to do that.


Interview: ASUS Design Center and the new N Series laptops Read »

We chat to Jimmy Chu about David Lewis’ co-operation, two tone paint and the delicate balance of design.

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Interview: SonicMaster designer sounds off Read »

We chat to SonicMaster designer, Henry Huang.


The new N series SonicMaster Kit Detailed Read »

B&O ICEPower speakers and a SonicMaster subwoofer.


Guide to Installing Win7 on your SSD – part 1 The basics Read »

Posted September 13th, 2011 in .How To Guides .PC Components

Win 7 install when using a SSD as the primary OS drive. With the price of Solid-state Drives dropping to a more reasonable level than ever before, the huge gains in performance by having your operating system and programs installed on a SSD are nothing short of must have. Windows 7 has native support for Trim, [...]


The N55SF Feature Overview Read »

Instant On, Charger+, the HD Camera, a quad core CPU and Nvidia Optimus graphics.


Hands on with the ET2410 All-in-One PC Read »

Hands on with the ET2410 all-in-one PC

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Unboxing the N55SF SonicMaster laptop Read »

We unpacked and unwrap SonicMaster and David Lewis’ new design.