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Scratched monitor? Let’s fix it… Read »

Posted October 22nd, 2010 in .How To Guides .Monitors & Displays

If your monitor is scratched there may be a way to save it yet…


I’ve fallen in love Read »

I may have found the perfect monitor that I didn’t even know I needed


Behind the 3D scene Read »

Tech in Style takes a close look at the technologies that go into making the ASUS VG236H 3D monitor.


LCD panel technology primer Read »

Having a basic understanding of LCD panel technologies will help you zero in on a monitor that best suits your needs… and impress the sales staff at electronics stores while you’re at it!


The ASUS VG236H brings new depth to the desktop Read »

Posted June 1st, 2010 in .Monitors & Displays

Desktop PC users can now immerse themselves in ultra-realistic games and movies with the ASUS VG236H.


How to buy a monitor Read »

Posted May 26th, 2010 in .Monitors & Displays .Products

When it comes time to invest in new monitor don’t, whatever you do, rush things. It’s the part of your PC you’ll use the most, and you’re not going to be upgrading again for a long time, so it pays to pick the perfect one before you spend you cash.

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ASUS bringing third dimension to display technology Read »

ASUS is at the forefront of bringing 3D pictures into homes and offices.


Oh, what a beautiful Designo! Read »

Posted January 6th, 2010 in .Monitors & Displays .Products

The Designo monitors from ASUS take the meaning of flat to new extremes.


Screen idols – Introducing the ASUS Designo MS Series LCD Monitors Read »

Posted November 3rd, 2009 in .Monitors & Displays

The new range of ASUS LCD monitors, the Designo MS Series, is slim, subtle and seriously stylish.