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A Taxing Situation Read »

Posted June 28th, 2010 in .Gaming .Spotlight

What do you think of the Emergency Budget 2010 and its scrapping of the videogame tax relief? I take a little look at some of the controversy right here.

The PC Is Still Epic Read »

Posted June 25th, 2010 in .Blogs .Cloud Computing .Gaming .Tech
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E3 2010 has certainly caused more of a stir this year than the last two. The exciting trends, the announcements and the return to the glitz and glamour of the past certainly helped it somewhat. We’ve already looked at the massive thrust towards 3D over the next few years and everybody knows about the consoles [...]

Future Forward Fun And Games Read »

Posted June 21st, 2010 in .3D .Blogs .Gaming .Home Entertainment .What's Next

As you’re probably aware, E3 has been stunning and startling everybody for the past few weeks and there’s been a ton of coverage about the latest products and ideas. This year has seen some spectacular new products and ideas show their stuff at E3 and there seem to be some definite trends moving forwards. The [...]

Leonard Nimoy as the Terminator? Read »

Posted June 18th, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming

Depending on how seriously you take your games, you may or may not be aware that this week has seen Los Angeles host the annual E3 games fair. It’s a massive event, where publishers show off scenes from upcoming releases and attempt to outdo one another in the over the top publicity stakes. This year [...]

The new HD Read »

Posted June 17th, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming

If you’re keen on updating your PC gaming, make a beeline for these affordable solutions.

The DRM Debate Read »

Posted May 6th, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming .Tech

Abandon all hope all ye gamers that enter here… DRM (Digital Rights Management) has evolved into something akin to a nightmare for the legitimate gamer. While not exclusively used for videogames this article (or rant) is all about how it has affected the gaming market. It’s all about piracy. Yes. Gamers know that this is [...]

Finally, games that push your PC to the limit Read »

Posted April 24th, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming

For the last couple of years one thing has frustrated me more than anything else when it comes to home computers. No-one’s been making games that push expensive hardware to the limit any more. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved watching the rise of casual gaming, netbooks, the Wii console and small portable apps for [...]

Is eSports an actual sport? Read »

Posted April 22nd, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming

Ever since the term “eSports” was coined, it has been a constant source of contention among sporting purists. If a player doesn’t so much as break a sweat, does he or she deserve to be labelled a sportsperson? Here’s what I think.

And now, some tech terms Read »

Posted April 22nd, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming .Tech

If you’re looking for a new graphics card, this is going to prove useful.

G73 – design and specs Read »

Posted April 21st, 2010 in .Blogs .Gaming

We examine the specs and looks of the G73 up close.