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September 24th, 2010 in .Blogs .Laptops & Netbooks
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I’ve been pondering the thought that goes into designing technology quite a bit this week. I’ve examined the processes behind the Bamboo range of laptops and how they get their lovely skin. I’ve talked about how interesting it is when big names come together to create delights like the Lamborghini range of laptops, and I’ve said that I prefer a netbook to a pad.

However, there is one glaring omission. The blend of Karim Rashid’s style with ASUS’ design. This range of netbooks is seriously pretty and very unusual. Although I’m a pink girl (yes, sorry, I love pink), I have a bit of a thing for the chocolate brown beauty from this collection.

After spending some time poring over the Karim Rashid netbooks, I started wondering what other unique combinations would really work. What other designers could blend their unique style into technology to create something unusual.

The first thing I came up with was a range for mums. Increasingly tech savvy and sharp, forerunners of a burgeoning online market, and fussy about how their tech looks, mums are a great market to design for. But who? Which designers would cut the mustard.

The one that sprang to mind almost immediately was Cath Kidston. She’s hugely popular with most of the mums I know and I adore my Cath Kidston stuff. That distinctive style on a laptop would be divine.

Others would include Issey Miyake (Oh, how I adore his fragrances), Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Mary Quant, and Stella McCartney. Can you just imagine the brilliance, madness and beauty that could emerge if these humans were unleashed on an unsuspecting laptop?

Yes, it would be a thing of pure beauty and wonder and I, for one, would bat my eyelashes until someone got me one for Christmas, or my birthday. Actually, now that I’ve thought about it, I wouldn’t know which one I’d choose first. You?

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