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January 11th, 2010 in .Blogs .Green Tech .Tech

The end of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference late last year saw world leaders engage in a childish round of finger pointing. 

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband admitted that he was “disappointed” with the conference’s failure to cement emissions targets and a clear timetable for a legal treaty, but was upbeat that the “considerable progress” made would prompt both industrialized and developing nations to take action on curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Such carefully crafted words don’t you think? 

Behind all the red tape and bureaucracy, can one man or organization spur change? Is the Average Joe so oblivious to environmental issues that heads of state and their entourage of “Yes” men are required to make the judgment calls for him? 

There is no doubting that change starts with the Average Joe, the man on the street. But it is a question about empowering him with the power to make that change. 

Across the pond at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one organization is doing just that, having announced that it’s doing its bit by consistently delivering products that meet the Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold Certification standard. 

The latest netbooks, notebooks, and LCD monitors from ASUS are said to be energy-efficient, significantly surpassing Energy Star computer equipment specifications V5.0 requirements. ASUS products are also environmentally-friendly through the use of post-consumer recycled plastics and reduced mercury usage during the manufacturing process.  

The company has taken it a step further with its Green Material Innovation initiatives—examining the viability of using natural materials in its products. The recently announced U Series Bamboo Collection uses bamboo for its lid and palm rest, giving a laptop a warm, organic feel to it. 

And with Chairman Jonney Shih at the helm of the GreenASUS Programme, every decision along the design, procurement, manufacturing and service daisy chain goes through the main man himself. 

So can we find one man or organization to spur the change that empowers the consumer? In the words of one world leader: Yes we can.

The ASUS U53 Bamboo Collection

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