SuperSpeed USB adoption gaining traction

February 9th, 2010 in .Blogs .Tech .USB 3.0


Ever since SuperSpeed USB – was first demonstrated by ex-Intel chief operating officer Pat Gelsinger at the Intel Developer Forum in September 18, 2007, the next-generation data transfer technology has been taking the hardware and device maker market by storm.

A year later, following that faithful demo, the specifications were opened to hardware developers. And this has led to a rush to enable the technology on various hardware and digital gadgets.

As a technology leader, ASUS got on the bandwagon very early and now has six new motherboards and an add-on card that activates seven existing motherboards to enable SuperSpeed Buffalo Technology, Freecom, Seagate, and USB 3.0 hard drive” target=”_blank”>Western Digital.

Adoption will hit the big time in early 2010 as consumers get a taste of what SuperSpeed USB can do. Data transfers have been recorded hitting speeds 10 times faster than the previous USB 2.0 standard. So users can expect to transfer digital photos, music, HD files at a fraction of the normal time.

Such fast speeds will change the way professional and regular content users interact with their computers, ushering a new era where large files can be transferred in a matter of seconds.

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