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August 23rd, 2010 in .Sajeda Patel Summer Blog

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So husband and I are trying to select a baby friendly holiday on the Asus EeePC.

Can you really go on holiday with a boisterous six month old? Is it even possible? This of course is a controversial age old question which has elicited responses such as ‘your holidaying moments are over for the next few years,!’ (mum) to ‘what about all the tropical diseases’? (mum in law) to ‘you go, I’ll look after your little one’ (sister) and ‘it’s definitely going to be hard work’ (empathising sister in law).

Husband and I know that holidaying with a baby is equivalent in terms of hard work to wiping out the national deficit but we still want to go. Both of us are a fan of city breaks which span four days and are packed with bursting itineraries. We often return from our city breaks usually in need of another holiday! But this time we are relinquishing defeat and opting for the resort. For some including my continent-hopping, adventure-loving teacher colleagues, resorts are a cop-out. A big no-no. Not even a proper holiday. It involves very little culture tasting or local mingling but nevertheless, we decide the resort it is.

However, as per usual, husband and I don’t just select a holiday, we research, and research and research. And then we research some more. Poor Asus, it has to work over time. And after some more researching and daydreaming over idyllic pictures of beaches, we settle for the well known resort called the Lake District. You see, the hard work involved is not in going on holiday with a baby, its selecting it!

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  • Sophie

    How exotic! I think you should take up your sister’s offer next time ; )

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