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August 18th, 2010 in .Sajeda Patel Summer Blog

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One of my favourite reasons for loving summer is that my garden comes into full bloom. But when I tell my students I love gardening and do it in my Top Shop shoes they look at me as if I have gone barmy.

Gardening in heels

In fact they have been known to share this piece of startling information with their parents who bring it up during parents evening. Apparently I don’t look like the gardening type, whatever the gardening type is. I tell them that I can quite happily admire a designer handbag alongside a lupin in full bloom. You see, gardening is no longer the domain of the retired or fading politicians (take note John Prescott, Michael Heseltine), just ask the presenters of the glammed up Gardeners World. I don’t think there is anything better than hot summer days digging holes in the soil and plonking in reluctant summer annuals. And when I am not gardening, I am trawling through garden centres trying to act nonchalant, as if I really know what I am doing amongst the seasoned gardeners. And when I am not trawling through garden centres, I am of course browsing through websites on my Asus EeePC debating whether to pay a whopping £10 for some delphiniums on top of delivery costs.  This brings me on to my second favourite hobby during the summer, sitting in the garden with my Asus in tow of course, admiring a job well done….that is until I spot some bare soil 20 cm in diameter which has me rushing to the gardening centre and the websites again.  What is it that they say? A gardener’s job is never complete? Or as my husband says, a gardener’s job is never complete…until it looks like a jungle!

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  • John

    Hey enjoying ur blogs… u must really like that EeePc ay :)

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