First Impressions are good

August 17th, 2010 in .Ian Watkinson Summer Blog

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Well, the laptop finally arrived last Thursday and first impressions are good! The kids haven’t broken it yet and I can actually work it.

As to the summer, sadly that does appear to be well and truly busted!
In the northwest it has rained every single day since the start of the hosepipe ban! Not really caravan weather, but here we are regardless in not very sunny Sedbergh.

Actually, the last couple of days have been glorious and we’ve managed some cricket and a walk up Cautley Spout! Today though things have returned to the seasonal norm for Sedbergh and it’s raining again.

Ian's sons on holiday

Looks like wellies and kagools on and a walk by the river – then back to the ‘van’ for DVD on the laptop! Until next week…

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