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August 16th, 2010 in .Blogs

Earlier this summer we invited Guardian Classroom Innovation readers to enter a competition, organised by ASUS, for the chance to win one of four laptops. The only pre-condition of entry was that each of the four winners agreed to blog about their summer and how the new computer would become part of their lifes, or not…

And so, a little later than planned, techinstyle is hosting the results.

And the blogging has commenced…

The winners of the four laptop devices are Stewart Faulkes with the ASUS UL30, Greg Lewis and the Eeetop PC 2010PNT, Ian Watkinson with the K52 and Sajeda Patel who will hopefully be enjoying the EeePC 1005PE.

To find out about their summer (and into autumn) adventures just follow the links below:

Thank you.

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