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May 7th, 2010 in .Blogs .Style
Suds McSoapdish

As someone who recently found himself in need of transferring data from one laptop to another, a portable hard drive proved priceless. But the thing is, the model I used was a bit bulky, clunky and slow. Yearning for something more defining of the experience next time around this need arises, I came upon the Leather HDD.

On top of being a useful 2.5” external hard drive, it also looks good, clad in leather as it is. This makes it a nice gift and accessory, very handy to know with more and more people looking to make their content and data portable. Suds, for one, would have been happy to receive one a couple weeks back.

Currently, these leathertastic storage devices come in two varieties, 320GB and 500GB, which is quite ample for an external device with an emphasis on fashion. The connection is USB 3.0, so there are no drivers involved, nor any installation needed, and it’s super fast with seriously more data per second than USB 2.0. A simple plug and store approach is, well, in store. The Leather HDD can also work as an eSATA device, and comes with all the necessary cables.

It’s only 5400RPM, but makes up for it with its low weight, stylish appearance. Carrying it around is a breeze, and it’ll look good next to any machine if seen out in the wild.

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