Our Eee Pad Adventure Pt. 1

June 11th, 2011 in .Blogs .Transformer Summer Blogs
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Our Eee Pad Adventure Pt. 1

Jo – Cent Magazine

Officially I’m a kid in a candy store. We have luckily got an Asus Eee Pad Transformer to play with, and I can tell you now it’s just what I want and just what we all need at the office.  We go to so many events and up till now have used either camera and or phones to record the events as well as plain old note book and pen. Now however, we have something that works as an all-rounder.

OK So what is it?

Quite simply it’s a tablet with an added docking keyboard.  This means it goes from being a tablet to an ultra slim, ultra portable laptop. Two parts that become one.

This for us means going to events with the Eee Pad Transformer makes our lives a lot lighter! However we were waiting for just the right moment to truly test it out. Well that came yesterday when I went to London’s new design fair Clerkenwell Design Week It was just the right opportunity to really get to grips with the camera and film facilities the Eee Pad Transformer has to offer.  We promise to fill you in on all the other functions the more we go out and use it, but for now yesterday was all about filming.

The event was spread within walking distance over a mile or so, in several locations, some quite rickety cold and damp, so running around in high heels with a rather luxury product did  make me somewhat nervous, however it was safe in its carry case so no need for me to fret there and also light enough not to notice it being un my handbag. I was walking around the event filming short movies as well as still images and literally every pit stop I made at each design station, the exhibitors (all cool product and furniture designers)  were not interested in talking with me about their products on show but in finding out about the Eee Pad Transformer. I found myself giving tutorials to people, letting some have a go and others I was showing them what I had filmed. Watch me try out Lulu Guinness’ Be A Pin Up installation.

The touch screen technology looks slick and the interface is easy, its logical which is really important for me as I’m not a computer natural.  Using the camera function was so easy. Once past the locked screen you go straight to the apps and once in there is into the camera function. Slide your finger to choose either film or still.

The stills camera has some lovely options, zoom in and out,  colour effects like sepia and mono for black and white images, as well as daylight and florescent setting to name but a few.  There are also picture quality and size options. This means really high quality output.  For us  now not ever having to carry heavy camera equipment with us or live with bad quality images from events recorded on mobile phones.

The moving image functions are similar with the lighting setting being the same as well as the colour effects.  It also has Video setting with the added option of a YouTube setting, very clever in my opinion and a time lapse setting too. Lastly once you have filmed or photographer images they go straight to your gallery which is situated on the home page, easy!  Also because the interface is so good there is an instinctive level of use with this, so that emailing films and images is straight forward.  This meant we didn’t have to spend time and energy working out how to get these up on the site for you to enjoy.

Ok well there will be lots more to tell you and we will bring the Eee Pad Transformer out with us to many kinds of events and this way we can try out all the functions and let you know.

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  • Anonymous

    The sound quality isn’t that great, but one probably wouldn’t be buying specifically for sound recording. However, I saw somewhere that it has a “combined headphone and external microphone socket,” so it would be interesting to see how an external microphone would work. I don’t know if one would need a special splitter to use it though.

  • http://twitter.com/buddybanana Julie

    Looks fantasic!

  • Paul Jones

    It looks really nice, I will have to save up and get me one.

  • philth145

    The battery life of tablets has been one of my biggest barriers. I can’t figure why the iPad can claim such a long life but other tablets only seem to offer a few hours. The keyboard solution at least adds a respectable option now. Seriously tempted

  • Rob Hurd

    Lookin forward to receiving mine next week, thanks for the review >;)

  • Anonymous

    The dock-able keyboard, SD Card reader and Flash support certainly starts you thinking whether its iPad or EEE Pad Transformer,

    This seems more suited to work situations.  I would love to test Video playback and gaming capabilities.

  • http://profiles.google.com/4dthink 4DThinker .blogspot.com

    I have to agree about how useful the Transformer is. I tried taking a few photos with an ipad2 and was very disappointed. Love the look and build quality of them too. Thanks for the great post!


  • http://www.facebook.com/tubbyjpin Mark Johnson

    looks great

  • Rob Lutter

    Thank you for posting video from the Transformer… I am currently in the market for a tablet. Looks especially nice for a tablet… it also looks like the TF101 has a microphone input (shared with the headphone input) so it should be able to get some nicer sound via an external mic (a must with any video camera). Thanks for covering something other reviews have not touched upon.

    Looking forward to future blogs!

  • Brian Houng

    wow, this thing is going to make it big

  • Roberta Lagrandeur

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been reading about the Transformer for quite some time now and it’s always helpful to read how real-world experiences with the Pad. I’m definitely interested in a pad that can do what a camera/tablet/laptop does without the extra luggage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luis.f.f.tomas Luis Tomás

    Thanks for the the review. I’m very excited with this tablet because of the good price/quality that it offers. Maybe i’ll buy it this summer and i can replace, for everyday use, my seriously heavy laptop. :D

  • Simeon Baker

    Nice balance between tablet and netbook; be nice when honeycomb apps come on stream. 

  • Alfonso Yun

    I’ve had mine for over a week now, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

  • kelly smith

    good competitor for the other tablets which are around at present.  i would definitely consider this one

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, can’t wait to try it!

  • http://twitter.com/DM_HIGGS DAVID HIGGS

    currently the best android tablet on the market i want one badly……..just need to find a shop that has one in stock

  • http://twitter.com/chrriss88 chrriss88

    I would so love this tablet with docking station & 10 hours battery life would suit my on the go life style!!! It’s so lightweight and versitile would fit right in to my oversized handbag.

  • http://twitter.com/chrriss88 chrriss88

    I would so love this tablet with docking station & 10 hours battery life would suit my on the go life style!!! It’s so lightweight and versatile would fit right in to my oversized handbag.

  • Anonymous

    Keep trying, it’s well worth the wait :) Asus did say they’re ramping up production for June and also contemplating another bigger increase for August if it’s needed.


  • M Carlson

    Making a Shift away from MS and App, can’t wait to try it!

  • http://www.cmscritic.com Mike Johnston

    The Transformer looks like an awesome tablet. I’ve gone through an iPad before but it’s not open enough for me. Transformer looks like a good option

  • Anonymous

    Where can you see one of these in person?

  • Anonymous

    Looks amazing,would live to get my hands on one of these

  • Kerri Brennan

    This looks brilliant and I love the keyboard.

    Can’t wait to see one in person.

  • Allan Mees

    Interesting but not sure I would ever want to use the keyboard – onscreen keyboards are perfectly usable on a tablet so why add the extra weight

  • http://www.facebook.com/dav532000 Dave Rimmer

    Asus have set the pace with this Tablet come Laptop in other words a
    Transformer great name, they really look the business and the Keyboard
    looks fantastic, would love to get ny hands on one of these.  

  • Anonymous

    Some people just prefer a proper physical keyboard, especially for extended typing – after all, it provides more feedback and is also more responsive than the touch equivalent. The keyboard dock additionally adds some connectivity that isn’t available on the tablet itself. Plus there’s also the battery to both power and charge the tablet (- even if only docked in short bursts, you know it’s always going to be fully charged). So it really serves a number of purposes. When docked, think of it as an android ‘netbook’ but one with a better, higher resolution screen than typical 10″ models. But at the same time can also be un-docked and used in a more portable format. Hybrid devices such as these and as Android continues to improve (in both stability and number/quality of apps) really do provide the best of both worlds. I think we’ll see a lot more hybrid devices in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000880431284 Ionut Dobrin

    I’d love to get my hands on one of these

  • Anonymous

    I just looks amazing. Nice work! Hole in one Asus.

  • Anonymous

    I’m impressed by your description. Ease of use is very important. They seem to have thought of everything !


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515468006 Colin McCance

    hopefully skype will add android video support soon as that’s what i really want to use the camera for.

  • http://twitter.com/brainfogs aka Brainfogs

    the best tablet ever on th emarket, about 80grs less than the acer iconia…you really got deifferent feelings when in hands … will love to got one …. the material is very high quality … and this is the best of the 2 worlds like we say in France ….
    that’s just a beginning  ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Excellent blog.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to own one of these, they have everything i need x

  • Cassandra Fryer

    It looks fab, some great tech! :D

  • http://twitter.com/Compermo Maureen Williams

    Great review clearly shows the range and capabilities of the Transformer. Definitely want one now!. All you will need in one compact piece of equipment